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Leverage our after-sales service for maximum lifespan of your Fristam pump.

At Fristam, you don’t just get a pump. You receive a comprehensive overall solution for your conveying task. Our profound process engineering know-how not only guarantees the careful selection of the optimal pump type and its tailor-made adaptation to your specific application. This competence is available to you in our service department at any time, even during and after commissioning.

We advise you on the optimal installation and operation. In addition, we support you with proper maintenance. The result is on the one hand the highest possible efficiency and long service life of your Fristam pump, and on the other hand maximum protection of your pumped material.

Since all of our pumps are specially configured for their application and the specific conditions of the system, we create an individual protocol for each and every Fristam pump, which we can use to pinpoint the required component in the event of wear. This allows us to deliver your original Fristam spare part as quickly as possible. In this way we can ensure maximum operational reliability for you, in the long term: Our warehouse also contains parts for special solutions that we built more than thirty years ago.

In addition, we document all our experiences and have a unique reservoir of knowledge. We bring this not only to the development and construction of our pumps, but also to the procedural advice and our comprehensive service after installation. The result is maximum hygienic reliability for you and your product.

For any queries, reach out to us at or call us on +91 90490 00253