FPC Self Priming Centrifugal Pump

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Low-noise, high-precision pump for superior results.

Innovatively designed to handle gaseous liquids and CIP-return applications efficiently, the FPC Pump features a unique combination of Fristam’s trusted impeller and a rotor screw. This distinctive configuration creates a low-noise hybrid pump capable of managing liquids with a significant gas content in an efficient manner. Furthermore, the FPC Pump is well-equipped to perform tasks such as emptying tanks, demonstrating its versatility in various operational contexts.

Technical Specifications

  • Operating temperature up to 150° C
  • Discharge pressures up to 5.8 bar (8,2 bar / 3.500 min–1)
  • Revolution speed up to 3,500 min–1
  • Flow rates up to 80 m³/h (95 m³/h / 3.500 min–1)

Specific Construction

The eccentrically arranged rotor casing, recirculation pipe and rotor screw enable the easy transportation of gaseous liquids. The FPC’s construction follows the proven principles of Fristam centrifugal pumps, ensuring high efficiency and low noise levels. The Fristam FPC is manufactured according to our high standards of German engineering with stainless-steel forgings and investment castings.


Salient Features

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