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Dual-purpose, twin-screw technology, refined, and perfected.

In the pursuit of pushing boundaries in twin-screw technology, the development of the Fristam FDS Pump came to fruition. The approach involved a ground-up reassessment of functional principles in eliminating the commonly known deficiencies associated with this type of technology. Aspects such as smooth operation, temperature stability, maintenance, and repair underwent rigorous refinement until perfected. As a result, this unique product, attentively refined to the minutest detail, is now available.

Technical Specifications

  • For high and low viscosities
  • Incredible pressure and suction
  • For production and CIP
  • Maximum hygiene including aseptic
  • Maximum application flexibility
  • Easy maintenance and repair

Specific Construction

The Fristam FDS combines all the advantages of twin-screw technology with our company’s traditionally high-quality standards. This positive displacement pump is ideal for the most viscous products whilst also being capable of reaching higher speeds of up to 3,600 min–1. Consequently, it can transport significant amounts of any low-viscosity medium, for example, water or detergent solution. This renders the use of an additional pump for cleaning processes obsolete. The Fristam FDS can handle extreme viscosities and easily copes with high differential pressures without overheating.


Salient Features

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Fristam Pumps provides a comprehensive tool for all pumping applications that you can use to select pumps and valves quickly and easily in a user-friendly configuration environment and find the optimal solution for your projects. No matter where you are in the pump recognition stage, Fristam can help you find the most appropriate one with our automated tool.
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