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Fristam offers diverse pumps and blenders tailored for the personal care industry. Challenges in the sector include chemical safety, demand for natural ingredients, and rising production costs. Fristam pumps are precision-led, efficient, and durable, designed to address these challenges. Our application engineers work closely with you to identify the optimal pump model for your specific needs. Whether you require the transfer of viscous ingredients, blending powders and thickeners, or filling operations, we have the perfect solution. Our wide selection of pump styles accommodates various applications, from low-shear to high-pressure scenarios. Fristam ensures a seamless match, whether you work with smooth creams or abrasive ingredients.

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Fristam Pumps provides a comprehensive tool for all pumping applications that you can use to select pumps and valves quickly and easily in a user-friendly configuration environment and find the optimal solution for your projects. No matter where you are in the pump recognition stage, Fristam can help you find the most appropriate one with our automated tool.
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