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Effortlessly mixes less-soluble powders into a liquid in one run.

The Fristam PL Pump is a compact and efficient solution for blending less-soluble powders into a liquid in a single cycle, creating a uniform mixture. This unit outperforms traditional tank mixers and enhances your operation’s efficiency by saving time and resources, increasing productivity and profitability. The PL Pump is about working smarter, not just harder; it is your key to achieving that objective.

Technical Specifications

  • Guarantees homogeneous mixtures
  • Significant time and raw material savings
  • Ergonomic working height

Specific Construction

The Fristam PL was designed as a universal solution for mixing and homogenising less soluble powders into liquid media. Its design principle aims to create homogeneous mixtures in just one run. The liquid and powder premix is then run through a Fristam FSP shear pump. With shearing clearances of just 0.5 mm and tip speeds of up to 38 m/s, consistent homogeneity can be achieved reliably.


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Salient Features

Industry Applications

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