How Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Work?

December 26, 2023

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Fristam, renowned as a liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturer in India, is celebrated for its superior performance and technical capabilities. Our devotion to continuous enhancement is evident in our substantial investment in research and development, ensuring our designs surpass industry standards.

With over 114 years of combining German craftsmanship and modern technology, Fristam has become a benchmark in the industry as a leading liquid ring pump manufacturer in India.

But first, what are liquid ring vacuum pumps?

Our liquid-ring pumps, also known as side channel pumps, are ideally suited for sanitary and non-sanitary applications, including dairy, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and beverage industries. These pumps excel in transferring liquids containing air or gas.

How do liquid ring pumps work?

Our self-priming liquid ring vacuum pumps work using the side channel principle. This means they have impellers (like fan blades) arranged around the edge, working together with specially designed side channels. These parts push the liquid being pumped with a lot of force.

The pump is made with narrow gaps that are tightly sealed, which helps it pull in liquids well. This design is great for drawing in liquids through pipes, even those with air mixed in. It also helps in getting rid of leftover liquids when cleaning.

What are the benefits of using a liquid ring vacuum pump?

Excellent Draining, Top Performance

Our liquid ring pumps improve pumping by removing leftover products, foam, or solutions from the pipes and tanks. These self-priming pumps can keep moving products that have a lot of air or gas in them without getting stuck. These pumps' strong suction ensures that leftover products or cleaning solutions don't stay in the system too long.

Always Clean

The parts of the pump that touch the product are completely clean and safe. Made with high-quality stainless steel and other materials safe for food, our pumps are free from contamination and health risks.

Great at Starting Itself

Side channel pumps can create a strong vacuum for suction, allowing them to start independently. This makes them a good choice for tricky situations, like emptying a fuel tank. The fluid gathers in the outer part of the side channel and the impeller blades, forming a liquid ring that helps the pump start itself.

Handles Entrained Gas

These liquid ring vacuum pumps can deal with gas and vapour in the liquid without stopping the flow or damaging the pump from running dry. They are good for pumping liquids with up to 50% gas.

Customised to your needs

Our custom-made pumps come in many sizes for each model, ensuring they fit perfectly with our clients' needs and processing demands. Depending on the type of product, its features, and the mix desired, we can provide a pump that's just right for you.

Removes CIP solutions efficiently

Our self-priming liquid ring vacuum pump can completely clean out processing tanks by removing the cleaning solution without leaving any residue. Our liquid-ring pump can clean out three tanks by itself. This means you don't have to move a pump from tank to tank on a cart.

In Conclusion

Our improved liquid ring vacuum pump has several key benefits. It works well for pumping products that have air mixed in. This pump can also completely empty out tanks and can lift products from drums and sumps up to 23 feet in a 2″ pipe. Plus, it's designed to need little maintenance, even when used all the time.

If it seems like a liquid ring vacuum pump is what you need, check out our selection of pumps at Fristam Pumps. We are here to help you pick the right model for your processing needs. Contact us now.